Get your 2018 Season Pass!

For a limited time we’re offering a Season Pass for you and a guest to every show at Thirty One West in 2018 for only $500!

(What we assume will be)

1. Okay… but really, what IS a 2018 Season Pass?

It is what it appears to be! You can literally come to every single show we host from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018. The only exceptions are private events, benefits, and fundraisers. If you commit to us, we’ll commit to you! That simple.

2. So how do I get in to the show?
Short answer: Just show up! We’ll have a list of our Pass Holders (plus it won’t be long before we recognize your face). In addition, we’ll place a “Season Pass” sticker on your Membership Card — just so you can flash it in front of your friends (you’re welcome).

3. Do I still have to buy tickets then?
Nope! If you’re cool with general admission (either seating or standing room, depending on the show), you’ll never have to buy a ticket in 2018!

4. What if I want a reserved seat or an upgraded table seat?
If you want to be sure to have a reserved seat, just purchase a reserved ticket(s) for the show, and we’ll refund you the difference in price between the general admission ticket and the upgraded ticket.*

5. What if I want to bring a different guest with me to each show?
No problem! You don’t have to register your guest or anything. Just show up together with your +1, and both of you are good to go.**

6. Can I give my pass to someone else if I can’t make it to the show?
Unfortunately, no… While your guest may change, the Pass Holder must be present.

7. Do I get any other sweet perks?
You mean besides admission to all of our ticketed events and getting treated like royalty?Yes, actually! We’ll grant you early entry as often as possible (some times our sound checks run long!!) so you can get first choice of seats. We’ll also invite you to special meet and greets with the artist when the opportunity arises.

* If you arrive on the day of the show and there are still reserved/upgraded seats available, you are welcome to take that seat free of charge. But the only way we can guarantee you an upgraded seat is if you purchase that ticket in advance! Reserved seats often sell out.

** The same rule re: reserved/upgraded seat applies to your guest.